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Kristine Sihto

Introducing Kristine Sihto, a highly regarded professional speaker specialising in information security.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this ever-evolving industry, Kristine is the go-to speaker for organisations looking to stay ahead of the game and protect themselves from potential security threats. Kristine's dynamic and engaging presentations are tailored to meet the unique needs of each audience they speak to, from industry-specific conferences to enterprise workshops. Their ability to break down complex technical concepts into easily understandable language ensures that every attendee leaves with a clear understanding of the latest trends and best practices in information security.

Kristine has spoken at some of Australia’s most prestigious cybersecurity events and organisations, including BrisSec, AISA CyberCon, BSides Melbourne, and CrikeyCon. They have also provided training and consulting services to numerous cybersecurity companies and non-profit organisations.

Some of the topics Kristine has covered in past presentations include:

  • Reducing information leakage in commonly overlooked places
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Emerging technologies and their impact on information security

When you book Kristine Sihto as a speaker, you can expect a polished, professional presentation that will leave your audience informed, engaged, and motivated to take action to protect their organisation from potential security threats. Choose from one of our pre-prepared presentations or request a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Our selection of presentation topics is always changing and growing. The presentations and workshops listed below are current and can be tuned for your audience. Or consider our bespoke presentation options if you're looking for something a little different. (Note that bespoke topics will require a greater amount of time to prepare).

Not Quite Enough – Challenges of Diversity

Keynote presentation about facing the personal challenges of diversity, from the perspective of a person with intersectional issues that include LGBTIQ challenges, neurodivergence, and disability. From a teenage sole parent in rural Queensland to a business founder in a STEM field, Kristine’s story addresses how non-typical career paths can drive innovation.


Papercuts: Stop the Bleed. Reducing information leakage from client-bound documentation


Documentation is inherent to every organisation, and a lot of that documentation is bound for external clients. Unfortunately, there are a lot of places, both in the architecture of your documents, as well as in the content itself, which give away key pieces of information about your organisation.
Kristine Sihto addresses common places in documentation that may leak information about staff, internal processes, and other clients, and discusses methods to reduce the incidence of information leakage.


Lazy Writing: The Information Security Nightmare that is AI Generated Text

ChatGPT (along with AI interfaces like it) is taking the world by storm. Marketers love it. Schools and universities are altering the way they assess students because of it. However, the knock-on effects of AI-generated text are yet to be seen. The labour of writing documents from scratch can be greatly reduced, and with it, the cost of those deliverables. And all the while, your information flows through an uncontrolled portal. Kristine Sihto discusses the dangers inherent to allowing third-party software to create content for your organisation, and the logical result of this new technology.


SMEs and Cybersecurity – Building Resilience

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) find themselves at a disadvantage when considering cybersecurity, with little time or money to devote to a problem they don’t see as pressing. But with criminals expanding their reach to take advantage of these soft targets, cybersecurity is fast becoming a necessity for SMEs. Kristine Sihto addresses some low-cost strategies for SMEs to shore up their defenses, with a specific focus on those SMEs with limited technical capacity.


Scammer Awareness Series

A series of talks and workshops devoted to building recognition of patterns commonly used by scammers, including SMS, email, and by direct phone call. This series is designed to be accessible by people from all walks of life, with no need of aptitude in computers or technical subjects.


Talk! Presentation skills for beginners and everyone else

Public speaking is hard. Whether you want to speak up in small settings like meetings, or speak in front of a large audience, Kristine Sihto has tips to build your capability. Kristine consolidates more than 30 years of experience in public speaking and performance, ranging from live on-stage theatre productions, group choir performance, working with debating teams, to conference presentation in both live and online settings.

The Written Desire Paths – Building Better Templates

Planned for development before July 2023