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One Goal, Two Paths

Aki Sihto GAICD - Managing Director, Information Security Consultant, Governance and Risk.

Aki Sihto GAICDAt the highest levels of your organisation, security decisions need to be made that require expert knowledge. 

Aki is a professional nerd with a lifetime of experience, an IT pro with 20+ years of fixing stuff people broke, 7+ years in Information Security, and being his own terrible boss since 2019. He has also spent a lot of time studying business, economics, history, governance and pondering how entropy shapes society and its institutions.    

Kristine Sihto - Cybersecurity editor, technical writer, document specialist.Kristine Sihto

Kristine Sihto is an artist extroadinaire, avid gamer, and occasional editor/document specialist for TinkerInk, working primarily with cybersecurity consultancies. Kristine has more than 15 years experience working in document creation and quality control systems, with a specialisation in cybersecurity since 2016. They are active in the conference space as a speaker, a volunteer organiser at CrikeyCon and TuskCon, and they work to promote accessibility and inclusion wherever they can.

Kristine is known in the Brisbane cybersecurity community as a person to go to when you don’t know which words to use.


Together, much like Voltron, Aki and Kristine form TinkerInk, a cybersecurity consultancy building understanding, trust, and capability.

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TinkerInk has come a long way since its inception. Originally intended to be a side-hustle away from our everyday 9-5, TinkerInk was going to be a place to market and publish Aki and Kristine's (unwritten) books. That didn't happen (yet).

What happened instead was the start of a consulting journey for Aki and Kristine built on a foundation of building connections, clarity, and understanding between the technical aspects of cybersecurity and the non-technical consumers of cybersecurity products and services.

Aki's strongly technical defence- and risk-oriented perspective combines with Kristine's cybersecurity-focused editing skillset to provide services that promote understanding, no matter which side of the jargon-divide you fall on. 

Aki Sihto - Managing Director, TinkerInk


As a small company, we are able to spend our energy in ways that larger companies might not be able to meet. We might not be able to offer large amounts of money, but passion means we can offer our time and experience.
Kristine has a strong passion for accessibility and equity. She can often be found at local cybersecurity conferences with a badge press, providing free disability awareness badges, personalised pronoun badges, and pride badges that include a broad range of GRSM flags, disability pride, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags pins.

In addition, she volunteers her time as an organiser at CrikeyCon and TuskCon, and often presents talks on secure documentation at conferences throughout the Eastern States of Australia.

Aki works towards enabling a greater understanding of information security in the wider community, reaching out to owners of SMEs through business-related meetups and groups. He is currently searching for a board that needs his expertise in cybersecurity and governance.


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