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    Building a cybersecure future based on mutual understanding
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Building Understanding

There's a gap in understanding that lies between cybersecurity and the rest of the world. It's a gap built out of jargon so complex that sometimes cybersecurity practitioners themselves look at each other and say "What does that acronym mean in this context?"

If cybersecurity professionals have this issue, how difficult is it for people on the outside looking in?

TinkerInk is built on understanding. Whether you are a company trying to navigate the complexities of your cybersecurity obligations, or a cybersecurity company trying to speak to your client, we're here for you.

More than an infosec startup

We all need a little bit more security in our lives.

Whether you're a company looking to understand your information security needs, or a cybersecurity company trying to bridge that gap with your clients, TinkerInk can provide clarity.

Governance and Risk

Professional management and strategic information security consulting services to provide the clarity and understanding that decision makers need.  

Security Management

A management consultant who understands and can deliver performance assessment of cybersecurity operations and strategic alignment of related programs of work

IT Governance and Vendor Management

Outsource your IT supply chain management and conformance assessments to TinkerInk. We provide consulting on information security and technology procurement activities.

Technical Writing and Editing

Cybersecurity is a difficult field for the outsider to understand. Technical writing at TinkerInk focuses on your message, using your style and your voice. Our specialty document services are tailored for cybersecurity companies, ensuring your message can be heard and understood by your audience, both technical and non-technical. 

Documentation Architecture

You don't just need words, you need documents that flow well and make sense in the context of your policies, processes, procedures, and every other related document.

TinkerInk can assist in streamlining your existing pool of documents and building templating to suit your brand. 


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