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BrisSEC 2023 - No Laziness Here!

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26.04.23 06:09 PM

Insights from Information Security Expert Kristine Sihto

Speaker Kristine Sihto stands in front of her title slide - Lazy Writing: The information security nightmare that is AI generated text. The image beside it is an AI generated image of a cyborg's face, half in shadow. It is constructed of white plastic, with one blue eye set into metal and one pink eye in an almost reptilian black surrounding.
Last Friday, at the BrisSEC Information Security conference, TinkerInk's documentation specialist, Kristine Sihto, delivered an insightful talk on the impact of AI on business and the potential risks associated with its uncontrolled usage.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, businesses are turning to AI to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. However, as Kristine highlighted, the uncontrolled use of AI can also lead to information leakage, posing a significant threat to the organisation's security.

Kristine's talk, Lazy Writng: The Information Security Nightmare that is AI Generated Text, was well received by the audience, and for good reason. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the information security industry shone through as they highlighted the potential risks that AI can pose, as well as practices to minimise these risks.

Throughout their talk, Kristine emphasised the importance of taking a proactive approach to information security, urging businesses to establish robust policies and guidelines for the use of AI. They also advised companies to provide training and education to staff on the proper use of AI and to consider the use of in-house AI instances to reduce the ongoing temptation to feed internal data to third-parties.

Kristine's talk was an excellent example of how a skilled public speaker can help businesses navigate complex issues such as information security. Their expertise and experience provided invaluable insights that businesses can use to protect themselves from the risks associated with the use of AI.

For anyone looking to learn more about the impact of technology on business and information security, Kristine Sihto is an excellent speaker to consider. With over seven years of experience in the information security industry, their talks are not only insightful but also highly engaging, making them an excellent choice for any business audience.

Kristine Sihto speaks while the slide behind her shows an FAQ question from ChatGPT. The FAQ is advising that OpenAI may review conversations.